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"Unique Solar dome Greenhouse here in New Zealand"


Could your School grounds be more fun and exciting?

Tuturumuri School was the first school in New Zealand to have a domegrown geodesic greenhouse dome. have a look at there facebook page


Why not enhance the children with a Solar Dome Greenhouse which has been designed so it can be utilised all year round producing wonderful stimulating and thought provoking education. Our dome can be used for many purposes across the curriculum, hence creating a environment young children thrive in, leading to a higher retention rate. I would even recommend children subject to staffing that they are also given the opportunity to have access in lunch breaks to the dome in turn hopefully leading too less bullying and anti social behaviour. The dome also provides a striking focal point for the whole school and will give the pupils a sense of ownership and pride in what they have achieved. Below are a few reasons why we believe the answer to the above question is YES!!

  • Retention and Attendance, Studies carried out in the UK by Bethel learning Institute found that pupil retention rates were on average 5% following a lesson but rose to 75% when they learnt through practical activities.
  • Interpersonal skills, Improves problem solving skills, language development and creative thinking.
  • Achievments. Nurturing new life whether it is a seed, plant or tree helps to instil in students a sense of acheivment and a healthy respect for the enviroment.
  • Communication. Working on certain projects together enables students to learn to communicate with each other in order to complete tasks given to them.
  • Self Suffiency. Teaching children skills at school that they can replicate at home to their parents and siblings
  • Healthy Eating. It will also encourage the healthy eating of home grown fresh produce/Chemical free.
  • Yield from dome. Once the dome is erected and at the growing stage monies can be made for fundraising for the school by selling the produce.
  • Lower decile Schools. I feel its very important to have kind of facility in these areas. How awesome would it be for children from lower income families to have the ability to take home food for dinner which they have nurtured and grown and go to bed with a full stomach. Too many of our children go to bed hungry