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Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Wind power is a renewable energy source that is increasingly used all over the world. Most wind turbines have a horizontal axis of rotation but a few have a vertical axis of rotation. A comparison of the two different types of wind turbines, vertical axis wind turbines and horizontal axis wind turbines, have been performed considering several different aspects location closeness to houses and trees noise generated and in most situations the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine preformed much more efficiently and was far more tolerated by humans and animals alike

Vertical axis wind turbines have several advantages over traditional horizontal-axis wind turbines. They can be packed closer together in wind farms, allowing more in a given space. Due to the turbines having no detrimental affects on it's neighbor turbine, in some test the combination of turbines together has increased the efficiency of the individuals.

Vertical turbines are rugged, quiet, omni-directional (they do not have to point into the wind), and they do not create as much stress on the support structure. They do not require as much wind to generate power, thus allowing them to be closer to the ground. By being closer to the ground they are easily maintained and can be installed on chimneys and similar tall structures.

When constructing a wind turbine, it is important to consider vibrations in the structure. Torsional vibrations in the drive shaft connecting the turbine to the rotor of the generator have been studied. It is shown that a direct driven generator is preferable over an induction generator with a gearbox when torsional vibrations are concerned.

Domegrown will soon be building a prototype Vertical Axis Wind Turbines WATCH THIS SPACE